Welcome to Our Parish Community!

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Welcome to Our Lady of Grace and St. Joseph, two of the most deeply-rooted and oldest Roman Catholic churches in the United States. Our Lady of Grace, founded in 1851, and St. Joseph, founded in 1871, were merged into one parish in 2008.  We would like to extend a warm greeting to you and encourage you to explore the ministries and activities that occur in our parish.

We are a large community that is here to help fulfill your spiritual needs as well as help you find some peace in the busy Hoboken and Jersey City areas. We are here to help support you locally as you live the Catholic faith in a global society, and we welcome you to share your talents and interests with us. Each day we strive to create a spirit-filled and service-oriented parish that is a beacon of faith, hope, and love not only within our community but in our society as well.

Please feel free to visit us at any time, join us at one of our Masses, or attend one of our events. Welcome to our parish, and we look forward to growing in faith with you!