The 2023 Archbishop's Annual Appeal is now underway, and we need your support!  The Annual Appeal will fund essential programs and ministries at the heart of our Catholic mission in our four counties – namely to proclaim the Gospel, to pass on the faith to future generations, particularly through the celebration of the sacraments, and to care for the poor and those on the margins.  Among the many important programs that receive funding are the operating costs for the new homeless shelter that is being built at St. Lucy's near the Holland Tunnel, right in our backyard!

Please help our parish meet our goal of $31,000 and hopefully our stretch goal of $32,000.  If every person, couple or family pledges and pays $100, we will go over our goal. If we collect more than our stretch goal and it is paid in by June 30, 2023, we get a two percent reduction in our annual parish assessment, which is a considerable financial break for us.

Pledge envelopes can be found on the tables at the back of the churches.  Or if you prefer, you can donate online and learn more about how the funds are used by clicking this link.