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Parish Center

A Legacy for Tomorrow - An Historic Opportunity for Today

Church of Our Lady of Grace and St. Joseph Parish Center

The history of the Parish of Our Lady of Grace is rich in tradition, devotion, pride and dedicated parishioners. Our Church has been serving the distinct needs of the Hoboken community since being established in 1851. Through much sacrifice, the many generations of parishioners that have preceded us here at the Church of Our Lady of Grace provided us with many beautiful Church properties.

Now, in different times, we come together and embrace the opportunity to express our gratitude for what we have inherited. Our Church has been lovingly restored, our magnificent organ refurbished and we now have an opportunity with the addition of St. Joseph’s Parish, established in 1871, to create a beautiful Parish Center from our underutilized Convent.

Renovation of the former convent required quality workmanship and bold innovation and while we have done most of the work we still have a way to go. For starters, the Parish Center is now fully accessible, with the installation of an elevator. Several walls have come down to create a new library, two conferences rooms as well as meeting space for parish committees. We have also created office space for Parish business, offices for our priests and a gathering space for our parish societies. Included an updated kitchen and dining area. Our plans include room for other non-profit agencies and we seek to continue our association with important community programs like “In Jesus’ Name”.

This project is a significant one for both Our Lady of Grace and St. Joseph’s as together we embark on our next chapter together. Our goal is to create an unbroken chain of invigorating parish life that will handsomely and immeasurably enrich our unique Hoboken community. We can, through a sense of grace, sacrifice and stewardship, preserve our rich history and prepare our parish for the next three hundred years of service.

It is our sincere hope that every parish family will consider contributing toward the creation of the Parish Center in some fashion. We understand that not everyone is as financially fortunate as others, but every gift counts!

Commemorative Opportunities
Church Grounds
The Parish Center*
The Parish Hall $50,000
The Courtyard & Garden $50,000
The Choir Room $10,000
The Community Sign Board $10,000

Memorial Book Listing $25.00 per line

(Main Floor)
The Chapel $20,000 RESERVED
The Parish Office Suite $5,000
Elevator Vestibule $10,000
The Community Room $5,000 RESERVED
The Kitchen $15,000
Small Dining Room $1,000 RESERVED
Reception Area $1,000 RESERVED

(Second Floor)
Large Community Room $15,000
The Library $10,000
Pastor’s Suite $1,500 RESERVED
Conference Room $5,000 RESERVED
Archive Center $1,000 RESERVED
Religious Article Shop $1,000 RESERVED
Counseling Room $500 RESERVED
Pastoral Care Suite $1,500 RESERVED

(Third Floor)
Parish Offices $300


*Please call Fr. Alex to discuss this very special opportunity









Saturday Vigil at OLG - 5 PM

Sunday at OLG - 9 AM, 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM (Spanish), 7:30 PM

Sunday at St. Joseph - 10 AM (Spanish), 12 PM (English)

Monday to Friday - 12:30 PM
Monday to Thursday - 7 PM