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June 18, 2017

The NiteFest and FunFest Were a Great Success
June 3 and 4 was a great weekend for us.  The NiteFest was perhaps the best ever with great weather attracting so many to enjoy our home-cooked food from Bernadette’s Café and the Christian Mothers Spanish Food from St. Joseph.  Our DJ Tim Nelson plays great music and the Biergarten was quenching thirsty souls.  We had the best bar sales ever for NiteFest.  Our Tricky Trays were selling tickets like hot cakes.  And the money wheel was spinning constantly. The newest attraction was the CornHole competition, which attracted a score of couples to compete for the a big cash prize of $300.  Dr. Thomas Coughlin and Villanova Matt Coscia were the big winners and were even bigger winners when they donated $100 of their winnings back to the church.  And Irene Marchetti LaBruzza won the Nightly 50/50 and donated some of her winnings back to the church.
Sunday had some iffy weather, which never materialized.  Even the brief spritzes did not deter people from enjoying the array of events.  We had games of chance, children’s activities, and pony rides in Church Square Park.  More than 20 vendors sold their wares.  Delano’s Italian foods and drinks are always a big hit.  The used books sold like hotcakes.  The Las Damas Spanish food sold out in three hours.  The Biergarten was up and running with the money wheel and the even better Tricky Trays.  Tom Elmo won almost $4,000 in the Super 50/50.
This year, we had tours of the church and two mini-music concerts with Kathleen McNally at the organ and Fr. Bruce Harger singing special selections.  Many people were pleased to have this spiritual and cultural component.
One weekend of events takes months to prepare and we are blessed with an executive team that works really hard.  Jess and Chris Gizzo were chair-people for the 1st year and they are great leaders assisted by co-chairs Christina Wtulich and Brian Traynor.  Catherine Hoppmann is our coordinator.  They work so well together and the results show that spirit.  Our planning team is also excellent.  We have so many other people to thank and they will unfold in the weeks ahead.  We thank all our sponsors and donors in particular Frank Raia, a local developer and Hoboken resident, who has supported us with thousands of dollars over the 12 years of the FunFest.
We thank all the volunteers, all who took Super 50/50 chances, and all of you for coming out and bringing your friends.
This biggest parish event of the year is a sign of the great community spirit we have at Our Lady of Grace and St. Joseph.
Fr. Alex Santora

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