Lectors/Eucharistic Ministers

We would like to ask each parishioner to consider volunteering to be a Lector and/or Eucharistic Minister.  We are happy and able to work around your schedule to find the Mass that is most convenient for you to aid with.  With enough volunteers, you may only have to serve at one Sunday Mass a month.   We publish the schedule every month so you know your dates of service in advance and can plan accordingly.

For all new volunteers, a
training session(s) will be scheduled, to prepare you for your ministry, and then at some point, install you at one of the Sunday Masses.

If you are interested in donating your time please free to call Fr. Alex Santora at the rectory or e-mail him at padrealex@yahoo.com, and be sure to leave your contact information.

Click Here for the Current Schedule

Ministers of the Word or Lectors
Otherwise known as the reader, the lector reads the lesson from Sacred Scripture, except the Gospel, in mass and for other sacred celebrations; recites the psalms between the readings in absence of the psalmist; presents the intentions for general intercessions when the deacon or cantor is absent; and may also direct the congregation in the singing. Lectors need a good voice to proclaim before the congregation.

Ministers of the Eucharist
Ministers of the Eucharist assist in distributing the communion during Mass and may also serve as Ministers to the Sick if available.

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