Pastor's Message

January 31, 2019


 Sharing God’s Blessings: Serving God’s People
Next weekend, we hold our pledge drive for the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal (AAA), now called Sharing God’s Blessings.  The Archbishop assigns a goal for each parish to raise additional funds so he can take care of extraordinary needs of the Archdiocese.  This year’s theme is Serving God’s People.  Our archdiocese does extraordinary works every day.  For example, near the Holland Tunnel, we host the largest homeless shelter in the entire state.  Starting sometime next year, in collaboration with a developer, we will build a larger, state of the art shelter and some transitional housing.  It will enable the homeless to learn during the day and try to become self-sufficient and eventually independent.
As a parish, we rely on the Archdiocese to assist us in so many ways.  After Sandy, they handled our insurance claims so we could recoup virtually all of the half million we had to spend to fix up our buildings.  Their Property Management Office helps us pick contractors and guides us with the repairs.  Their legal firm assists us deal with legal matters and claims.  These are just a few.
Cardinal Tobin abated some of our assessments so we could be on a solid footing and continue all the repairs to restore our beautiful, historic OLG church.  We will soon start the handicapped ramp at St. Joseph and are looking to install new doors.
Next weekend, we will ask each individual, couple or family to make a pledge so we can reach our OLG goal of $28,000 and St. Joseph, $4,500.  If everyone gives something, we will go over our goal and then some of that money comes hack to the parish.
We will do this appeal during the homily and collect the pledges at that time.  We do not collect anything next weekend.  You may also give us your credit card information for a one time donation and then we destroy that information.  I will pray that each family gives at least $100.  More if you can and less if you have to.  But any amount makes a difference and increases our participation.
Let’s pray for the success of this campaign and our part.
Fr. Alex Santora

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