Our Christmas concert was a beautiful way to capture the childlike spirit of the season.  We thank Kathleen McNally, our organist and music director, for organizing and directing the concert.  Angela Maffei, our pastoral associate, provided each child with a decorated Santa hat and led the CCD children in a special song.  We thank the adult choir, young adult ensemble and children’s choir for their special selections.  Mary Gaffney, Donna Zukowski’s niece, made her first public performance as a pianist.  And Miss Jingles taught the children about Christmas symbols.  Jingles is Dominican Sister Luke Dworschak who taught at Ss. Peter & Paul years ago.  Today she resides at Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in Jersey City and works with Hudson Hospice.  She is a trained clown and works with children who lost a loved one and helps them grieve through her clowning.  We thank all our parents for bringing the children.  And we thank Santa’s elves Shannon, Allison and Brianna Rivera for helping out.

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