Each year, our Archbishop asks all the parishes to raise a goal to assist him to fund several initiatives: Catholic schools, retired priests, our seminary and extraordinary needs.  Our OLG goal is $29,186 and St. Joseph, $4,513.  Please make a pledge.  This will be payable over one year.  If every parishioner family, couple or individual donates something we will go over our goal.  And over goal comes back to help our churches: toward the new OLG benches and toward a St. Joseph handicapped ramp.  This year’s appeal is a perfect opportunity for us to reflect on God’s generosity and to share the blessings we have been given with those around us.  We are especially grateful to Cardinal Tobin for forgiving some of our past debt so we can move forward to restore our historic churches.  Let us show our gratitude by reaching and going over this year’s goals.

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