The Shelter was established in 1982, largely as the result of gentrification which caused many lower income neighbors to be displaced.  When we hear the term gentrification, we often have a positive response to it, but there is unfortunately a downside to it also.  As the result of an increased homeless population in the early 1980's, several local houses of worship came together to fulfill what they all considered to be a moral obligation to address our neighbors in need.  We are proud to say that OLG is one of these houses of worship.
The Shelter is much more than just a place that provides a warm bed and a nutritious meal.  It takes a holistic approach to helping people.  In addition to sheltering 50 people nightly and serving 530 meals daily, the Shelter also provides support services such as case management, counseling, job & life skills training, creative arts workshops, emergency homelessness prevention grants, & permanent supportive housing solutions.
As you can see, the Shelter truly does God’s work.  These accomplishments are absolutely incredible for a small grass-roots organization, but none of it would be possible without community support and generous financial donations.  We thank the many of you here today who have already contributed either your time, your household items or your financial resources to the Shelter.  You have helped more than you even realize.  We ask that this Thanksgiving season that you continue to support the Hoboken Shelter.  There are envelopes on the church tables if you wish to make a donation.  No amount is too small, as the shelter can provide a meal for as little as $2.
Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity this Thanksgiving season.
Beth Gunning and Kate Grove, are Board members representing our churches.

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