We are blessed with a strong team of people to plan and carry out our NiteFest and FunFest.  We thank Chris Gizzo, Chairperson, Jessica Gizzo, Chairperson, Brian Traynor, Co-Chair, Christina Wtulich, Co-Chair, Catherine Hoppmann, Coordinator, Margaret Brophy, Ignatius Camporeale, Devan Conroy, Michael de Matos, Adam Drenkard, Daniel Gabryszewski, Katie Hughes, Theresa Hunt, Erin Mannix, Will McCann, Jennifer Mylett, Margaret Ann Parry, Bernadette Pehrson, Hazel Secco, Robert Secco, Cassy Sommer, Michael Spero, Nick Stanton, Gary Stavella, Mary Tosline, Jessy Vergel, Moncy Ye, Donna Zukowski.  Special note of thanks to Bernadette Pehrson, an original member for 12 years.

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